New Canaan CARES does not provide counseling services but we have developed these guidelines to assist you in your search for a therapist. Please be sure to contact several therapist prior to making your final decision.

Steps to finding a therapisttherapy

  • Identify a pool of candidates
  • Questions to ask a therapist
    • What are your areas of expertise/specialization?
    • What age group do you typically work with?
    • How long have you been in practice?
    • What did our training consist of?
    • Are you accepting new patients?
    • What are your hours
    • Where are you located?
    • Do you take my insurance?
    • Do you do a free initial consultation/meeting?
    • Are you an individual therapist or part of a larger practice?
  • Making your choice
    • Speak with at least 3 professionals prior to making your selection.
    • Check that they have a solid education, had a supervised clinical experience and are licensed, registered or certified by a reliable governing body.
    • Ensure that the professional was responsive and gave you adequate time.
    • Determine how many sessions may be required for evaluation and treatment?
    • Be sure the logistics of the practice are acceptable (hours, insurance, etc.).
    • Most importantly, the patient needs to be comfortable in the office and speaking with the therapist.