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Between increasingly competitive popularity contests, heavy school workloads, and an ever-expanding number of responsibilities, the Middle School years can be overwhelming. The Assertiveness Training program helps participants develop self-advocacy tools to better respond to these challenges. This series of after-school workshops for 6th and 7th graders uses hands-on activities-such as debate, crafts, role-playing, and cartooning, to improve participants' personal communication style, boost their assertiveness, and help them practice essential leadership skills. These activities are specifically designed to both identify and build upon individual strengths, and to encourage teamwork and group dynamics, in order to improve Middle Schoolers' resilience and self-confidence.


  • Cultivate essential leadership and communication skills in a respectful, non competitive setting
  • Learn how to positively influence others
  • Interactive activities teach participants approriate responses to situations of conflict, while establishing a supportive peer culture
  • Learn to respect oneself and others equally
  • Develop self-advocacy skills necessary for success in Middle School and beyond!

Dates and Times:

Open to 6th and 7th graders, this four session program meets once a week for four weeks in the spring and fall.

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During your child’s participation in CARES programs, photographs may be taken for promotional purposes. I grant permission for CARES to use photographs taken during this afterschool program for promotional purposes (i.e., newletter, news article, brochure or website). Individual names do not appear with these photographs.