check markAre you interested in being a leader within your school and community?
Are you interested in a tackling tough issues that make your school a better place?

Are you interested in working with others on a team to make a difference in school policies?
Do you have a passion to protect your friends from problems with underage drinking?

Coalition Initiatives:

  • "IPS: I Party Sober"
  • "Stay Alive, Don't Drink and Drive"
  • Youth Services' Fridge Campaign


maud coalition

"Everytime we feel tempted to give up on the battle of 'Access to Excess' (alcohol, drugs, risk-taking), we are reminded of the actions of passionate leaders of all ages, dedicated to making the world a better place, with the promise of a bright future!"

CARES’ Student Leadership Coalition is a combination of passionate, talented kids of various grades, social groups, and interests with one primary cause in common: Helping themselves and others tackle tough choices through action! Recognizing that New Canaan ranked 2nd in the state for underage drinking, and kids find it difficult to find social options on weekends that don’t include drinking, CARES' Leadership Coalition's goali is developing social alternatives and getting out the word to peers and younger students in unique and diverse ways.  

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